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What files can I import?



  • Florian Fahrenberger

    I would love to be able to import from some websites that are not supported yet (particularly I can easily write a parser for their website and output the result in any format I like. But I would like to keep any code I write as flexible as possible, so I have three questions for you:

    1. Are you planning to support the "Open Recipe Format" for input? It is in YAML (similar to JSON) and seems very open and future proof. So I might pick that one to write to.
    2. If not, can you give me the specifications for the MyCookBook file format? That would obviously be the second most convenient option.
    3. I will probably code this in Python, since I am most familiar with it. However, if you tell me "Do this in the language ... and we can just add the html parser to our website officially and support the site.", I will gladly do so. If import from sortedfood was possible, you will certainly have gained a Pro subscription. :-)



  • Florian Fahrenberger

    I found the description of the MyCookBook XML file format and am using that for now. :-) Works smoothly.

    If anyone at MyCookBook wants to take a crack at importing from, here are usable xpath entries for the most important website contents:

    title = '//*[@id="recipeTitle"]/span[2]/text()'
    picture_url = '//img[@width="100%"]/@src'
    description = '//div[@itemprop="description"]/p/text()'
    ingredients = '//li/span[@itemprop="recipeIngredient"]/text()'
    instructions = '//p[@itemprop="recipeInstructions"]/text()'
  • Carine

    Hi Florian,

    We are able to import any html recipes that contain some strutured data:  JSON-LD code,, ... You can find some documentation here :

    Moreover you can add your own parser on your android device :

  • Florian Fahrenberger

    Hi Carine,

    this is amazing news. Thanks a lot, a very well programmed app. I'll try this as soon as I find the time. I am guessing I will still want to subscribe to be able to import more recipes from websites?



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