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I have Cookmate Android app. Do I have to create on online account ?



  • Gayle Kuhlberg

    I have a new phone and can not find in cookbook or cookbook settings how to sign into my premium account opened years ago. Help! I also opened this when it was one price and maybe the account was stopped because of a change in a credit card or something. How do I find the problem. I am losing my personal recipes I was saving for my children. I am 70 and I want them to have my favorites, their favs.

  • Joerickson 00

    I have the same this a bogus product?

  • Carine

    You can link your android app to your online account in the settings in the My CookBook Online section. You can find some help here :

  • Dennis Bahr

    Could you add the pro version of the mobile to the list? Even though i think that would be the same as free except the add.

    What i am more concerned about is the amount of recipes I can have on my phone that are synchronized with the the PC version. Is the shopping list number and the recipe number that are saved in the could by any chance switched up? The android description says i can have 105 recipe in the could. Here it says only 8.

    Taken from android description:

    • Save up to 105 recipes and 8 shopping lists in the cloud
    • Synchronize up to 105 recipes and 8 shopping lists between all your android applications and your online account


    What happens if you have more then 105 recipes on the phone which one would be in the cloud and which ones would not?

  • Carine

    Yes it is the same for the pro version.


    There was an error . You can save up to 105 recipes and 8 shopping lists for free:

    If you have more than 105 recipes, synchronization won't anymore ...

  • Michael H. Smith

    I had this app for 2 years and now you're telling me I need to upgrade. I bought a new phone and now I have to upgrade with you. I've been telling all of my staff my cooks to download this app so I can give them my recipes. I am no longer going to have them down this app I will give them a hard copy from now on

  • Carine

    Hi Michael, the online account is not mandatory to use the android app.... You can use our File Import / Export feature if you want to copy your recipes on your new device. And you don't need to upgrade....

    Moreover, maintenance and support of My CookBook require a lot of time.... For example, the supported websites always change and I continuously update the import engines.
    If I want to continue to work on it, I need to ask a monthly / annual subscription...



  • Karie M

    I started using this app when it was under the original app. Now that the app has changed names (and whatever else) I used an email that I created just for My Recipes and a password that I only used for the email and this app only. Of course now I can't sign in because the new name/changes will not except my saved email/username and password from the original app. Because of that I can not access my recipes saved in the older version of the app. What can you do to make this transition easier and helpful?

    Extremely disappointed
    Karie M


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