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What is the difference between the android application My CookBook Pro and the Premium online account?



  • Peggy Burns

    I followed instructions to increase my online recipes and it didn't work. The cookbook may be good, but when I started it it was free. Them when you decided to have us pay. You are asking to much. I have found other recipe books for free on Android.

  • Carine

    Hi Peggy, the online account is not mandatory to use the Android app. Recipes are not limited in the android app... The Android app is free.

    The online account is used to backup your recipes to the cloud automatically

  • Roger

    I brought the pro version years ago but it didn't have a limit of recipies. When did it change?

  • Carine

    Hi Rmasseycomputer,
    Recipes are not limited in the android app but they are limited online.
    The online account is not mandatory to use the android but it allows to backup your recipes online

  • Lisa Canero

    Hola! quiero imprimir las recetas, cómo se hace? porque van desapareciendo de las páginas de donde las importé, cómo hago?

  • Lonnie Mays

    I started a cookbook in April, but now only have 6 of my recipes on the site. Where are the rest?

  • クラヌキアキコ





  • Katharina Bloem

    Hello! How can I manage to get the app (I got the no ads version on my mobile) installed also on my tablet ? Do I need to pay twice? There is no way to skip the payment momentum order to log in on the tablet... Did I miss something?


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